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So here's the challenge

What does it mean to add extra dimension to a brand?


When creating a brand foundation, it’s crucial to include memorable pieces of signage that support the aesthetic integrity of the brand. Awestruck, a Youtube channel focused on the millennial mom, was created in October 2015. During the summer of 2016, I got the opportunity to work with the Design Director on creating assets for the Awestruck social channels.


What's the why?

Starting out with already established brand templates and cards- I was designing consistent work. One day I tested something different. I decided to challenge my recently learned animation skills and combine them with illustrations. I designed small GIFs that could be shared on social and shared with the Design Director.



The work was turned into a new content series for social and immediately got positive feedback from the audience. The GIFs were posted through the summer and even into the fall- adding a new, fun layer of what the brand aesthetic could entail.

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