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So here's the challenge

The team at BUILT BY GIRLS found out on 1/25/19 that they were invited to ring the closing bell at NASDAQ on 1/29/19. Along with ringing the bell, NASDAQ was also going to show a piece of our work on their Times Square Billboard for the day.

I worked to create the animation graphic that would be displayed on their billboard, using after effects, a program I hadn’t had too much experience in.

Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 6.08.06 PM.png

What's the why?

As we’re going to NASDAQ and found out very quickly, there was an extremely tight turnaround. I started teaching myself right away and watching YouTube + videos. I also went back to previous projects where I had used After Effect to see what I did with the layers and timing.

Since it will be a representation of us shown to tons of people, I wanted to make sure that I did everything in my power to make it represent BUILT BY GIRLS the best it could.

The final work that was needed by NASDAQ was a templated file they sent over that had the exact dimensions of the billboard.

illustrator mock-01.png


Before leaving work on Friday night I worked with the Marketing Director to create a sketch of what the video could potentially look like. Then from there, I used that as a framework, making the layers in Illustrator and then converting them over in After Effects. Once I had these layers in the program I started making a couple of different variations of what it could look like.

The final product was a montage of different BUILT BY GIRLS photos featuring our gradient, illustrations, and an animation of our mission

I presented it to the Marketing Director and Executive Director on Monday. They had a few small edits that we worked on there and I sent it out right away.

2.25.19 Pinz_Allison_Page_53.jpg


On 1/29 the work was successfully shown in Times Square. We got a ton of visibility not only by the people passing the billboard but the NASDAQ social channels as well. Plus our community loved seeing their faces and photos on the imagery. They immediately posted the images on their own social channels.

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