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Output Observational Project


Parsons the New School for Design

Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Slides


For this group project we observed the business operations of a club called Output in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We each had different roles within the team and took turns as manager. We operated according to what our tasks were on a calendar we previously coordinated.

I was in charge of the aesthetic of the presentation, some of the content for the presentation and the manager for a week as well.

For the presentation I illustrated all the backgrounds to capture the feeling of the club and everything we observed. 

Once I was project manager I planned out our work week and had it ready for the team at our meeting. I planned out our timeline for the rest of the project based on how much work we had done and set new goals based on this. Once the team was together we went over everything and edited the work so it can fit schedules. Each member got their work prepared and sent it through the Google Doc. I got all of our work together for that week and submitted it.

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