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Social Media Design

Here's the challenge

The Sprinklr Customer Experience Team(CXC) connects with marketing influencers across social media to create new conversations and ultimately connections. The goal is to turn a digital handshake into a physical one. In order to create more engaged conversations, and to make our responses stand out more, members of the team will work with creative to make static and animated assets that can be sent in response to the message.

What's the why?

Designs that we create are highly tailored to the conversation around the influencer, holiday, or event. By making them so personalized we are able to create a deeper connection with our audience on our social channels.


Depending on the larger social conversations, the CXC team will assign creative pieces to be made. During busy times we can have anywhere from 3-5 pieces per designer due within a couple hours. To work efficiently, and collaboratively, designers will work together to create templates of work that serve as the base of new pieces.


Because we templatize our work we are actually able to get it out to the customer in an extremely timely manner and add to social conversations. From some of the creative that's been made we have been able to generate engaged message responses, tagging or fellow coworkers, and even some in person meetings to learn more about Sprinklr.

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