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Sprinklr Career Site

Here's the challenge

During my time at Sprinklr, I got the chance to work on a project with the Marketing and Career Teams. The Career Team was interested in updating the career site to incorporate some of the new Sprinklr branding that was introduced in early 2019. They also wanted to create a more engaging user experience for job seekers as they saw, at the time, there was not much activity on the first page of the site. Their vision for the project was to create a multi-page Career site that would be an extension of the Sprinklr website. The new site would incorporate stories from Sprinklrites, information on benefits, and a new page for open positions.

What's the why?

The Sprinklr Career Team was looking to create an updated, informative, and engaging platform for job seekers so that they can learn more about the company prior to applying. They wanted to do so by breaking up the information into 5 different pages that each had their own category. (Jobs, Sprinklrite Stories, etc.)


For this project, I was in charge of creating sketches, and wireframes, and then developing mockups of what the new website could potentially look like. Then I would show the creative to the Lead Designer and Developer for visual feedback. Once approved, then content from the Career Team was added to the layout, and the pages were shown to both teams for additional feedback.


After several rounds of iterations, the team moved towards looking for a more centralized user flow. This way the job seeker doesn’t have to switch pages to get all the information they need - it's all there on that first page. The Career Team condensed the content, going from 5 different categories(organized on 5 different pages), to 4 categories(all shown on 1 page). With this updated content, I reworked the mockup to be 1 page. Rather than being shown on different pages, all content was now shown and differentiated by different panels. These panels included the updated brand colors and fonts to match the updated Sprinklr branding.


After creating a final mockup for the 1-page site, the file was passed off to be developed. The Career page went live in early 2020, incorporating elements from the original 5-page site.

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