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Tech Education for Girls

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Parsons the New School for Design

Pencil, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Sublime Text, Google Chrome


For this project I chose to make a beginners website for young girls(betweeen the ages of 6 and 12) learning about computers and coding. I started out by sketching the background of the homepage on paper. I created 4 different scenes, a farm, the mountains, the ocean, and the desert and I placed small robots throughout. The sky also goes from light to dark as if it is going through a full day.

The homepage has five icons that link to different subjects: What is Tech, the Best Employers, Innovators, Programs, and What it Takes to Start a Business. These were also sketched out on paper fist before being scanned and moved to the computer.

Once everything was scanned in, I brought the images into Illustrator and drew all the images and icons on the program.

I then started coding. First I coded the background into the homepage and then the icons. I worked with the placement and then focused on each section.

I created the content of each page in InDesign to focus on the type and layout. Each layout was made and coded into the pages.

Icons and images were made in Illustrator and added to the layouts of the pages as well as the bottom of each page so there is a better flow overall.

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