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Style an Interview: Jon Setzen


Parsons the New School for Design

Adobe Illustrator, Sublime Text, Google Chrome


For this project, I was to select an interview and redesign it, for a different target market than the one originally intended. I chose to redesign an interview on entrepreneur, and designer Jon Setzen since I really like what he stands for. Originally, the article was geared more towards young professionals, or people looking to start over in their career field. But I saw this as more of an opportunity to highlight the amount of failure Setzen went through to be where he is. I decided to redesign the article for children and teach them that failure is nothing but a stepping stone to success.

For this project, I really had to keep the target market in mind. Children only have so much attention when it comes to readings, so to make it interesting I decided to narrow down the reading as much as possible and add some bright illustrations throughout.

I started with the content. I wrote out a document with my goals and inspirations for the project and then I began to cut the article down. I took out any fluff or anything that didn’t relate to this new message- failure is ok. Then I simplified any language or phrases that may be too hard to understand. I made the reading as simple as possible with the message in mind.

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