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Yoke App

So here's the challenge

In the Fall of 2017, I worked with a team to develop Yoke- an app that provides information in the political atmosphere. How do I challenge the current news atmosphere to create a product that opposes it?

How do develop the use journey into a functional app while also thinking of what they are currently exposed to? (ie social media)

In the fall of 2017, as part of a group project, we decided to work to find a solution to this very pressing issue. We created Yoke- a news app that would give basic information and provide a space to talk about it. We all had separate roles within the group. Mine was creatively focused.

What's the why?

After conducting interviews I found that people want something simple, exact, and to the point when it comes to their news as they don’t currently get this.

People are used to seeing and scrolling through their apps- while I take their current behavior into consideration, I need to find a way to adapt this into our app flow.


After interviews and additional research, I put my findings together and saw that in this case, less is more. People want something that's incredibly seamless when they intake their news in the morning. From there I started to put together sketches of screens for an app that’s as simple as it gets, with 2 fonts, 2 image styles, and several different button types.


Additionally, the user flow is also extremely simple. When making this app I want the user journey to be free of the frustration the audience has mentioned facing when reading the news.


There is now a simpler flow which led to a much easier understanding of how it works in interviews later on. The users found it incredibly easy to navigate and get to where they need.

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